Let's get warm and cozy, for a relaxed fall stroll! octobre 30, 2015 18:06


Winter is coming, so we've heard! The weather is getting cooler, but we still want to enjoy walking through the beautiful Montreal streets! And because the weather shouldn't keep us from wearing what we love, here is a warm, cozy, and Oh so lovely inspirational look


For this new article, we chose to pair our flirty Stacy fitted top with our high waist Stone skirt (as seen in Loulou Magazine this month), made of a super warm wool mix! What a pleasure to comfortably enjoy a walk with our favourite four-legged friend! Some people walk their dogs but, as you know, at Meemoza we love cats ;) !



With its long sleeves and its comforting Modal knit, our timeless Stacy top is an undeniable must-have this winter! Sober yet elegant, it fits all occasions and can be mixed with a spectrum of other items. 



On the other hand, our lovely Stone skirt is the centerpiece of this look. The weather shouldn't mean that we have to renounce to our feminity! With its high waist and its warm wool mix, this skirt is the perfect solution to stay elegant while protected from the cold! Combine it with a cute pair of wool tights (here found at Mondor)



Accessorized with a beautiful felt hat and a lovely necklace created by Vuela Vuela (meow ;), your look is complete! Done and done! We're ready to go out!


And you? Who are you gonna take that walk with?