This year, Earth Day has a very special meaning.

We are all looking forward to things going back to normal, and to meet our loved ones again.

In the meantime, here are some reasons to celebrate, thanks to the positive impact of the slow-down period we are currently going through.




The atmosphere is getting better


Scientific studies are showing a drop in air pollution of up to 50% in certain larger cities. This doesn’t come as a surprise while we are travelling far less, whether by car or by plane. Here is an interesting article on the subject, from Positive News, which I love to read for a source of alternative news.

Let’s agree (once this period is over) to contact our political representatives, to demonstrate, and to do everything in our power to ask for the necessary changes to maintain those positive aftermaths.


The DIY & self-sufficiency trend is on the rise


Online research trends show an increase linked to DIY and recipes to make basic commodities like bread for example. We already talked to you about Les trappeuses's tips regarding DIY cosmetics, simple remedies & cleaning products. You can also learn more about Zero waste with local company Dans le sac.


Local commerce is king!


These are good news, not only for the environment (with a diminution of transports), but also for the economy and the ethical aspect of a more transparent trade, which allows better traceability and supports the expertise of local workers. Check out what we do at Meemoza as an actor of local commerce.



Let’s take this opportunity to change our life habits, and slow down to maintain a positive impact on the environment.


And you, what habits did you adopt?





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