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Where to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 3 Montreal restaurants to discover! janvier 30, 2015 16:08 20 Comments

February’s on its way, and some of you may already be planning Valentine's Day...

Whether you are single or in a couple, February 14th, is the opportunity to experiment! Following this idea, here is a short selection of resto-bars with different atmospheres and specialties...

For a chic and romantic dinner, Le Serpent

Located in the heart of La Fonderie Darling, Le Serpent has quickly become a very popular Montreal restaurant. Very contemporary, it offers a revisited Italian cooking at affordable prices even if slightly above average. With its dinner menu, adjustable to every wish, and its extensive wine list, Le Serpent ensures you a delightful evening!

Price: between $ 16 and $ 29 for a main course

Photo credit : James Brittain

For an easy going and warm rendez-vous, Le Manitoba

Located in the Mile-ex, Le Manitoba is very likely to win your heart... Between local delicacies and products from indigenous cultures, the choice is as original as wide. Seasonal vegetables, meats, seafood, fish, natural wines, beers and cocktails… There are plenty of wonders at Le Manitoba!

Price: between $ 17 and $ 28 for a main course

Photo credit : Ulysse Lemerise 

For a girls night out, Le Thazard

Lovers of Le café Sardine/Iwashi will be happy to find Chef Hachiro Fujise’s offerings at the surprising Thazard! Located on the Saint Laurent Boulevard, this restaurant borrows the French pace of little bistros... The similarities end here, while what is proposed is nothing like a “steak-frites”! Cocktails, menchikatsus croquettes, miso poutine and the even more amazing... octopus hot dog! You may live a very unique culinary experience here!

Price: À la carte formula, between $ 7 and $ 14

Photo credit : Thazard

Workshop sale + Contest!

But now that I have given you these mouthwatering suggestions, I bet you're already wondering what to wear for the occasion... What about dropping by our next workshop sale, from February 11th to 14th? We promise you a preview of the new Spring 2015 collection as well as several discounts! And since "when one loves, one doesn't count", we want to give you the chance to win a $ 20 gift certificate exchangeable during our workshop sale!

How to participate? Tell us about your favorite restaurant, in the comments below :) 

Until February 8th. Find all the details on the Facebook page of the event. Good luck all!

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In 2015, I will take the time to... janvier 5, 2015 09:39


After an eventful holiday season, it's now time to think of ourselves. Resolutions have been made, and this year, I took the one to enjoy small daily moments. I thought of this list of inspiring activities, to help unwind with a low budget. 


Cultural evening

What better idea than to break the week in half, by treating yourself to a Wednesday night at the museum? In most galleries, it's the night for specials on entry fees. The talented Simon Starling will soon be exhibiting at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Simon Starling established himself as one of the leading artists of his generation while interrogating scientific discoveries and global economic and ecological issues, among other subjects. It will take a little patience, as his exhibit will be held from February 5th to May 10th 2015.

Credit : Simon Starling, Five-Man Pedersen (Prototype No.1)


Cinema evening

One evening at the cinema for less than 5$, entry and snacks included? It's possible! At the Dollar cinema, situated near Namur station. You can even watch the latest movie releases!



Swinging evening

A friend of mine just talked to me about the free Swing classes at Petit Medley. Every Tuesday evening starting at 8 PM, everyone is invited to their beginner dancing classes. I never took part in such an activity,and I really feel like giving it a try! Who knows? I might discover a new passion in 2015!


Löle workshops

The chain of Lolë stores offers free workshops. At each beginning of the month, the theme is changed, bringing new workshops. I took part in many of their yoga classes, which I really appreciated. I strongly recommend their workshops!

Photo credit : Löle 

In 2015, I will take the time to enjoy what I like to do on a daily basis. Where did I find the inspiration? Here is a video I find expresses the importance of living each and every moment ;) And you, did you take new resolutions?






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