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News from the Workshop

Let's Celebrate! 10 Years of Local & Sustainable Fashion mars 5, 2021 14:37

A Beautiful reason to celebrate!


Dear supporters & ethical fashion enthusiast,

Yes! It has already been 10 years since I launched Meemoza, with the dream to create designs with a lower impact on the environment, by collaborating with the community of skilled garment workers that Quebec is so lucky to have! Since 2011, my mission has been to be accessible to a community of women, looking for value behind the clothes they wear.

It is, therefore, with much pride, that I present you our  New 10th Anniversary Collection – in Limited Edition!

Get your hands on these Limited Quantities before everyone else.

Thanks for your support, with kicking off the production!

It makes all the difference for us.

Emilie Rioux Ethical Designer & Founder





Our inspiration this season:


Our New Spring Essentials are perfect for everyday life! With our unique and playful prints on Oh so soft! Organic Cotton Knits as well as our Natural & Refined Materials, including Linen and Fine Laces.

As always with the plus of being locally Made in Canada.

For this collection, our designer’s inspiration comes from the need that she feels around her for a return to the essentials. Our values of durability, comfort and a playful lifestyle go hand in hand with the current times. Our team has been practicing self-care these past few months, by spending a lot of time enjoying nature and the great outdoors. This collection is inspired by this return to the roots, with a touch of positivity, spontaneity and inclusion. 





✂️ Behind the Scenes at the Studio

We choose to focus on our community and to show you our team, our story and our working methods. Stay tuned during this adventure!

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Something New to Brighten Fall + Staying involved with our Community! septembre 3, 2020 16:28




I hope all is well with you, and that you are enjoying the last days of summer! Our first pieces from the fall collection have finally arrived!Discover all the new products designed entirely from luxury sustainable and natural materials.

Other exciting projects are also keeping our schedule full :

- Moving into our new store : Done!

Now that we are all settled, don't hesitate to come see us and try out the new fall collection, starting next week :)

- Staying involved with our Community!

After donating to Centraide in the Spring, scroll down to find out how we're helping local minorities and at risk populations now.

Discover all the New Collection here!

Thank you again for your constant support!

You're making all the difference for us.

Emilie - Meemoza, Ethical & Essential Fashion



Our first styles, finally available !




Helping our Community with Mtl's Le Chaînon Foundation!




#challengeaccepted Did you know that the meaning of this hashtag and these black and white photos currently published is to give visibility to the Istanbul Convention, which aims to put an end to the forgiveness of acts of violence against women?

Many of us are victims of different kinds of violence. The abuse can make it difficult to see the solutions, and to understand that the key is in the numbers and the collaboration between us. Let us lift each other up!

To help our community, I decided to donate pieces from our past collections to the local foundation @lechainon_mtl :)
Share your own B&W photos to support this movement. We need the world to hear us!


What about you, are you doing something to help your community and your loved ones? 

Some Home Tips to Enjoy Spring! avril 9, 2020 17:19



It's the type of thing, where I complain every year that I don't have enough time to do. So this year, we're doing the whole nine yards! Don't forget about cleaning your windows, to let more natural light coming into your home! It will be the perfect time to air the house as well. And you, what are your ''must dos'' when it comes to spring cleaning?




Don't throw away your coffee grounds! You can reuse it as a homemade exfoliant, to enrich your garden soil or even as an abrasive to clean certain surfaces. Check out Les trappeuses's tips to find out about DIY cosmetics, simple remedies & cleaning products. Or straight up learn more about Zero waste with Dans le sac.



That's one of my favourite things about the lockdown. Having the time to use my creativity to cook! It's time to look up interesting recipes and make lists of your essentials to make your trip to the grocery store efficient. Plan a backup recipe, in case you can't find some of your ingredients. Keep it simple! Oh, and if you have the time, rewatch Ratatouille for inspiration :) Everyone can cook!


We can do it!



RETHINK, REUSE, to reinvent YOURSELF mars 27, 2020 16:15




Dear supporter & ethical fashion enthusiast,



It’s been a tough couple of weeks, am I right? We’re keeping busy and sending you positive vibes in these quieter times. ⁠We view this as a fresh start, and we selected some principles to guide us along the way. We hope they can inspire you too!


Since the begining of the year (and for a while already) everything was going faster and faster. We put ourselves asside for a long time, leaving to tomorrow the activity of sharing more about our team, our story and our work ethics. 


Remember that we’re all in the same place. Our team therefore chooses to concentrate on our community, and team up to face this challenge and come out of it stronger together! 

Stay tuned during this adventure!



On this note, do something that makes you feel good right now! #mentalhealth


And take the time to collect beautiful moments with your loved ones!




- Emilie Rioux Ethical Designer & Founder



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