A little word just for you, loyal customer novembre 4, 2020 17:15


Dear supporter & ethical fashion enthusiast,

I would like to take the time to share some of our news, and some positive thoughts with you. We had to double our efforts this season, while going through the same production disruption as all production industries are going through at the moment, to finally make our Fall-Winter Collection come to life. I want to personnaly thank you for your support! Wether on on social media, by resharing, or sending messages or comments to encourage us. This is so motivating for us, now more than ever!

We have finally regained control over orders to be sent out, and you should receive a delivery confirmation before Friday 5 PM, if you were waiting for yours. Our collection is also now available at our Retailers. And Our Studio is open to visitors.

We all can't wait for a fresh start! I encourage you to continue to do your part, even when it's not easy. Nobody's perfect. I think it's time to take care of ourselves, to be empathic towards others and our own and to make choices to prioritize what is truly dear to our hearts. Many people are taking this opportunity to change their lives, on different scales. Look for beauty through this period that we are all going through. I truly hope that it is bringing us together socially even during this isolation period.

Do something that feels good right now! And every day! #mentalhealth

Take the time to also Prend le temps également de collect beautiful moments with the people that you are lucky to have around.

Thank you again for your support !

It makes all the difference for us

Emilie Rioux Ethical Designer & Founder





✂️ Behind the Scenes at the Studio

We choose to focus on our community and to show you our team, our story and our working methods. Stay tuned during this adventure!