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Let's Celebrate! 10 Years of Local & Sustainable Fashion mars 5, 2021 14:37

A Beautiful reason to celebrate!


Dear supporters & ethical fashion enthusiast,

Yes! It has already been 10 years since I launched Meemoza, with the dream to create designs with a lower impact on the environment, by collaborating with the community of skilled garment workers that Quebec is so lucky to have! Since 2011, my mission has been to be accessible to a community of women, looking for value behind the clothes they wear.

It is, therefore, with much pride, that I present you our  New 10th Anniversary Collection – in Limited Edition!

Get your hands on these Limited Quantities before everyone else.

Thanks for your support, with kicking off the production!

It makes all the difference for us.

Emilie Rioux Ethical Designer & Founder





Our inspiration this season:


Our New Spring Essentials are perfect for everyday life! With our unique and playful prints on Oh so soft! Organic Cotton Knits as well as our Natural & Refined Materials, including Linen and Fine Laces.

As always with the plus of being locally Made in Canada.

For this collection, our designer’s inspiration comes from the need that she feels around her for a return to the essentials. Our values of durability, comfort and a playful lifestyle go hand in hand with the current times. Our team has been practicing self-care these past few months, by spending a lot of time enjoying nature and the great outdoors. This collection is inspired by this return to the roots, with a touch of positivity, spontaneity and inclusion. 





✂️ Behind the Scenes at the Studio

We choose to focus on our community and to show you our team, our story and our working methods. Stay tuned during this adventure!

Follow us on the social medias at the bottom of this page :) 



A little word just for you, loyal customer novembre 4, 2020 17:15


Dear supporter & ethical fashion enthusiast,

I would like to take the time to share some of our news, and some positive thoughts with you. We had to double our efforts this season, while going through the same production disruption as all production industries are going through at the moment, to finally make our Fall-Winter Collection come to life. I want to personnaly thank you for your support! Wether on on social media, by resharing, or sending messages or comments to encourage us. This is so motivating for us, now more than ever!

We have finally regained control over orders to be sent out, and you should receive a delivery confirmation before Friday 5 PM, if you were waiting for yours. Our collection is also now available at our Retailers. And Our Studio is open to visitors.

We all can't wait for a fresh start! I encourage you to continue to do your part, even when it's not easy. Nobody's perfect. I think it's time to take care of ourselves, to be empathic towards others and our own and to make choices to prioritize what is truly dear to our hearts. Many people are taking this opportunity to change their lives, on different scales. Look for beauty through this period that we are all going through. I truly hope that it is bringing us together socially even during this isolation period.

Do something that feels good right now! And every day! #mentalhealth

Take the time to also Prend le temps également de collect beautiful moments with the people that you are lucky to have around.

Thank you again for your support !

It makes all the difference for us

Emilie Rioux Ethical Designer & Founder





✂️ Behind the Scenes at the Studio

We choose to focus on our community and to show you our team, our story and our working methods. Stay tuned during this adventure!



Something New to Brighten Fall + Staying involved with our Community! septembre 3, 2020 16:28




I hope all is well with you, and that you are enjoying the last days of summer! Our first pieces from the fall collection have finally arrived!Discover all the new products designed entirely from luxury sustainable and natural materials.

Other exciting projects are also keeping our schedule full :

- Moving into our new store : Done!

Now that we are all settled, don't hesitate to come see us and try out the new fall collection, starting next week :)

- Staying involved with our Community!

After donating to Centraide in the Spring, scroll down to find out how we're helping local minorities and at risk populations now.

Discover all the New Collection here!

Thank you again for your constant support!

You're making all the difference for us.

Emilie - Meemoza, Ethical & Essential Fashion



Our first styles, finally available !




Helping our Community with Mtl's Le Chaînon Foundation!




#challengeaccepted Did you know that the meaning of this hashtag and these black and white photos currently published is to give visibility to the Istanbul Convention, which aims to put an end to the forgiveness of acts of violence against women?

Many of us are victims of different kinds of violence. The abuse can make it difficult to see the solutions, and to understand that the key is in the numbers and the collaboration between us. Let us lift each other up!

To help our community, I decided to donate pieces from our past collections to the local foundation @lechainon_mtl :)
Share your own B&W photos to support this movement. We need the world to hear us!


What about you, are you doing something to help your community and your loved ones? 

DIY: Make your Own Mask juillet 9, 2020 15:48

Take care of your community:


We've been busy bees, and we've assigned a part of our production floor to prepare some  New Face Covers :)

Did you know that we made the ones for the musicians of the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra?



DIY - Make your Own Mask:



Because we believe in a democratic approach to security, here is a DIY video we think you might enjoy!

So if you're up for it, now you can make your own mask :) !



Our Ethical Working Methods:


Meemoza’s existence is thanks to all of our partners, our seamstresses and you, dear supporters. During this time of new beginnings, we choose to take the time to share more about ourselves. We’ve decided to offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself further in our reality and our community.



Meemoza -  Ethical & Essential Fashion





New Video : Behind the Scenes in our Workshop / Kickstarter Campaign mai 4, 2020 17:13

Our first Kickstarter campaign has just launched, and we wanted you to be one of the first ones to know!

Want to do some good to support our local & sustainable work in the slow fashion industry?

Get an exclusive sneak peek of our FW Collection

Pre-order your Favourite Pieces at an Exclusive Price

This will help us decide which colours to produce for Fall. And you will make sure that we will produce your favourite pieces.


We also had some fun making this new video in the workshop :) 

We hope you'll enjoy it!

Meemoza’s existence is thanks to all of our partners, our seamstresses and you, dear supporters. During this time of new beginnings, we choose to take the time to share more about ourselves. We’ve decided to offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself further in our reality and our community. It’s the perfect time to present ourselves in a more transparent and accessible way. And it’s just the beginning! Stay tuned! 



Earth Day : A positive recap! avril 22, 2020 13:05



This year, Earth Day has a very special meaning.

We are all looking forward to things going back to normal, and to meet our loved ones again.

In the meantime, here are some reasons to celebrate, thanks to the positive impact of the slow-down period we are currently going through.




The atmosphere is getting better


Scientific studies are showing a drop in air pollution of up to 50% in certain larger cities. This doesn’t come as a surprise while we are travelling far less, whether by car or by plane. Here is an interesting article on the subject, from Positive News, which I love to read for a source of alternative news.

Let’s agree (once this period is over) to contact our political representatives, to demonstrate, and to do everything in our power to ask for the necessary changes to maintain those positive aftermaths.


The DIY & self-sufficiency trend is on the rise


Online research trends show an increase linked to DIY and recipes to make basic commodities like bread for example. We already talked to you about Les trappeuses's tips regarding DIY cosmetics, simple remedies & cleaning products. You can also learn more about Zero waste with local company Dans le sac.


Local commerce is king!


These are good news, not only for the environment (with a diminution of transports), but also for the economy and the ethical aspect of a more transparent trade, which allows better traceability and supports the expertise of local workers. Check out what we do at Meemoza as an actor of local commerce.



Let’s take this opportunity to change our life habits, and slow down to maintain a positive impact on the environment.


And you, what habits did you adopt?





Some Home Tips to Enjoy Spring! avril 9, 2020 17:19



It's the type of thing, where I complain every year that I don't have enough time to do. So this year, we're doing the whole nine yards! Don't forget about cleaning your windows, to let more natural light coming into your home! It will be the perfect time to air the house as well. And you, what are your ''must dos'' when it comes to spring cleaning?




Don't throw away your coffee grounds! You can reuse it as a homemade exfoliant, to enrich your garden soil or even as an abrasive to clean certain surfaces. Check out Les trappeuses's tips to find out about DIY cosmetics, simple remedies & cleaning products. Or straight up learn more about Zero waste with Dans le sac.



That's one of my favourite things about the lockdown. Having the time to use my creativity to cook! It's time to look up interesting recipes and make lists of your essentials to make your trip to the grocery store efficient. Plan a backup recipe, in case you can't find some of your ingredients. Keep it simple! Oh, and if you have the time, rewatch Ratatouille for inspiration :) Everyone can cook!


We can do it!



RETHINK, REUSE, to reinvent YOURSELF mars 27, 2020 16:15




Dear supporter & ethical fashion enthusiast,



It’s been a tough couple of weeks, am I right? We’re keeping busy and sending you positive vibes in these quieter times. ⁠We view this as a fresh start, and we selected some principles to guide us along the way. We hope they can inspire you too!


Since the begining of the year (and for a while already) everything was going faster and faster. We put ourselves asside for a long time, leaving to tomorrow the activity of sharing more about our team, our story and our work ethics. 


Remember that we’re all in the same place. Our team therefore chooses to concentrate on our community, and team up to face this challenge and come out of it stronger together! 

Stay tuned during this adventure!



On this note, do something that makes you feel good right now! #mentalhealth


And take the time to collect beautiful moments with your loved ones!




- Emilie Rioux Ethical Designer & Founder



Different Ways to Support us


Now, more than ever, each action you take will allow us to remain at your service and to continue making this world a better place.


- Leave us a review on Google

- Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

- Check out our Retailers list and follow them on Social media / Check out their Online Shop

- Look out for our Upcoming Fall 2020 Crowdfunding Campaign for an Exclusive Look at our Next Collection



Meemoza's Studio : New Opening Hours mai 28, 2018 16:26

This spring, we are inviting you to discover the  Spring-Summer Collection in our Mile-end showroom. Take advantage of our New Opening Hours. Come shop in a creative and relaxed atmosphere, Thursdays and Fridays from 12 to 8 PM. In addition, you get exclusive access to all styles from the new collection, as well as a limited sale section. Eager to learn more about what's behind our doors? Here's everything you need to know about Meemoza's Studio: 

It's in our Montreal Studio that the creative process starts, and that we put together all the littles ideas and details that bring our collections to life. The design process is initially made in our small studio, by our designer Emilie Rioux. 

Here is where patterns are designed and first samples are sewn. The tailoring of the final pieces is then delegated to small skilled teams, right here in Quebec. 

The  fabrics we select, are of the highest quality, and made of Nnatural and Eco-Friendly Fibers (tencel, organic cotton and local knits). They are carefully chosen for their environmental and social properties. Resulting in: Raffined, practical and minimalist pieces, that remain actual season after season.  

Do not hesitate to contact us before your visit at, to make sure that the style you are looking for is available in your size. If it is not the case, we will redirect you to a shop near you. 

The Address: 

Ateliers créatifs (access from Casgrain Street)

160 St-Viateur East, 2nd floor, Suite 200-V
Montreal, QC H2T 1A8 

Access the Studio:

- We're situated on the 2nd floor, at the far right corner when exiting the elevators.

- Suite 200 is a large studio shared with several designers.

- Locals are identified with letters and designers logos. The letter V is written on our door. To the left of the sewing machines.

Opening Hours 

Thursday : 12 PM to 8 PM
Friday : 12 PM to 8 PM

Are you eager to drop by for a visit? We're looking forward to see you :)

Nouvelle Collection Fruitée : Tout Confort & Inspirée de la Nature mai 21, 2017 17:06


Le 3 mai dernier, marquait le lancement de notre Nouvelle Collection Printemps Été 2017. L’événement a pris place à la boutique Boutique Petite Rebelle de la rue Saint-Hubert à Montréal. Est-ce que vous y étiez ? Sinon, on vous raconte tout !




Parmi les surprises et rafraîchissements se trouvaient bien sûr tous les nouveaux modèles de la collection, que nous avions bien hâte de dévoiler ! On pouvait y découvrir nos matières naturelles et locales, aux couleurs rafraîchissantes et aux imprimés inspirés de la nature. L’ensemble des matières, finement choisies, créent un merveilleux agencement, qui se démarque joliment. Sans compter la présence de tricots locaux, aussi doux qu’éthiques!





Au cours de la soirée, plaisir et respect de la nature étaient au rendez-vous. D’ailleurs, pour l’occasion BKIND, ligne de cosmétique vegan et montréalaise (qu’on ADORE !), s’est joint à nous.





On y comptait aussi la présence de Josiane Stratis, Catherine Éthier et Marie-Claude St-Laurent, qui incarnent parfaitement le caractère authentique et féminin de notre ligne. On adore leur style chic et spontané, qui colle tellement avec Meemoza !





Avez-vous jeté un coup d’œil à la nouvelle collection ? Quel est votre coup de cœur ? :) 

Découvrez la nouvelle collection ici !




Fanny Bloom, une femme rafraichissante et colorée mai 7, 2016 18:21



Fanny, c'est l'esprit pop et plaisir de nos valeurs. Une femme à l'énergie douce et colorée dont le sourire te réchauffe le coeur à travers n'importe quelle tempête !

On la connaît pour sa musique et sa personnalité remarquable. Chez Meemoza on est des femmes créatives qui aimons les différentes formes d'art, et particulièrement, la musique.


C'est entre autres pour ces artistes que l'on imagine nos coupes amples et féminines. On veut pouvoir danser avec des vêtements qui dessinent nos courbes sans gêner nos mouvements.


On veut pouvoir exprimer notre personnalité dynamique tout en restant élégante et féminine !

Nous créons pour notre muse : celle qui a un rythme soutenu et se déplace souvent.
Emilie, la designer, a pensé nos habits pour qu'ils respirent bien et vous suivent toute la journée.


Leur style vous permettra de sauter sur votre vélo le matin, et les détails féminins vous assureront une confiance élégante pour votre 5@7 le soir.


Chez Meemoza, on ne travaille pas que sur la forme. Le choix des matériaux a toute son importance dans la praticité du vêtement. Nos choix de tissus éco-responsable et de haute qualité sont idéaux pour l'été chaud et humide qui s'annonce.

Consultez notre collection printemps-été sur la Boutique en ligne !


Instagram : Fanny Bloom Rose

Rédaction : LYDMTL

Catherine Éthier, une fille amusante et authentique avril 26, 2016 15:11

Catherine Ethier personnalise la valeur d'authenticité de Meemoza.

Collaboratrice à l'émission de télé Code.F, chroniqueuse chez Urbania, journaliste pour le Journal Métro, Catherine écrit son monde avec une plume naturelle et distinctive bien connue.


Elle a ce côté girly qui couvre bien des sujets avec la sincérité que tu attends de ta BFF...


D'un autre côté, elle ne pratique pas la langue de bois et sait rester simple et directe: pas besoin d'artifice, il suffit d'exister tel que l'on est.


C'est aussi cela, la muse de Meemoza: une femme accomplie qui exprime ce qu'elle est dans ses côtés. Féminin, drôle, curieuse, cultivée...



Notre ligne printemps-été 2016 a été conçue pour ces femmes qui cherchent la balance entre la simplicité et l'affirmation.


Nos designs épurés se remarquent par les détails de motifs qui rendent le style de celles qui les portent à la fois discret, intemporel et remarquable.


Venez rencontrer Catherine lors de notre 6@9 5e Anniversaire au Théâtre Rialto.


Tous les détails sur notre Évènement Facebook

#BonneFeteMeemoza #CollectionnezLesMoments


Instagram : Coco_Cathey

Rédaction : LYDMTL

Photo : Catherine Deslauriers

Tabitha Lukebadio, une voyageuse à l'esprit libre avril 22, 2016 08:07



Tabitha Lukebadio symbolise l’esprit libre de notre ligne. 

C'est une voyageuse qui parcours le monde, de continents en continents, de culture en culture. De l’Europe aux Amériques, tout en passant par l’Australie, elle a continué de contribuer au blogue mode européen bien connu : The Liquor Store.


C'est également ce genre de muse qui nous inspire : une fille Meemoza qui est sans cesse en mouvement, qui a besoin de confort tout en restant féminine et élégante.


Notre ambassadrice Tabitha est une fille assoiffée de découvertes qui a des valeurs chères de respect des cultures dans les pays qu’elle visite. Pour elle, tout comme pour nous, encourager la production locale et écologique est quelque chose de primordiale.


Emilie Rioux, la designer de Meemoza, dessine des vêtements intemporels qui vous accompagnent sans prétention, dans le confort, au gré des saisons. Notre designer est aussi impliquée dans toute la chaîne de production qu'elle a gardé locale, pour des raisons éthiques et écoresponsables.


D’autant plus que la journée de la Fashion Revolution “Who made my clothes?” se trouve la semaine prochaine, le 24 avril.
 Choisir Meemoza, c'est faire un choix éthique et responsable !



Pour en savoir plus sur les choix durables pour votre garde­-robe, rejoignez­-nous lors de notre Soirée Anniversaire au Théâtre Rialto le 27 Avril pour fêter nos 5 ans !


Tous les détails sur notre Événement Facebook

#BonneFeteMeemoza #CollectionnezLesMoments


Instagram : Taaabitha

Rédaction : LYDMTL

Photo : Catherine Deslauriers 

Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier, délicate et naturelle avril 15, 2016 18:37




Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier reflète le côté naturel de notre ligne. La délicatesse et la douce énergie qu'elle dégage sont apaisantes.


Juliette voit la beauté dans la nature et dans les choses telles qu'elles le sont afin de le communiquer, au plus grand nombre, par ses photographies.


C'est en portant une attention au détail qu'elle remarque l'image à immortaliser avec son appareil. Avez-vous fait un tour sur son compte Instagram ? Cet univers douillet dans lequel on a envie de s'installer délicatement entre amies, pour une journée cocooning...



L’univers de Juliette représente bien l'ambiance des fins de semaine chez la fille Meemoza. Rien de mieux qu'une douce journée entre amies à discuter, rire et se confier.


Notre nouvelle Collection Printemps-Été, que vous pourrez découvrir à notre Fête 5e anniversaire, a été conçue dans cet esprit. On a pensé aux occasions spéciales qui arrivent cet été. Ces journées où l'on ira bruncher entre amis, pour ensuite se promener dans notre parc préféré. Nos matières souples au toucher soyeux permettent de passer une après-midi confortable, pendant que les coupes et motifs en font la parfaite tenue pour sortir avec des amis.


Le 27 avril, venez fêter avec nous et rencontrer Juliette. On se retrouve au Théâtre Rialto pour fêter nos 5 ans !


Tous les détails sur notre Événement Facebook


#BonneFeteMeemoza #CollectionnezLesMoments


Photo : Catherine Deslauriers

Let's get warm and cozy, for a relaxed fall stroll! octobre 30, 2015 18:06


Winter is coming, so we've heard! The weather is getting cooler, but we still want to enjoy walking through the beautiful Montreal streets! And because the weather shouldn't keep us from wearing what we love, here is a warm, cozy, and Oh so lovely inspirational look


For this new article, we chose to pair our flirty Stacy fitted top with our high waist Stone skirt (as seen in Loulou Magazine this month), made of a super warm wool mix! What a pleasure to comfortably enjoy a walk with our favourite four-legged friend! Some people walk their dogs but, as you know, at Meemoza we love cats ;) !



With its long sleeves and its comforting Modal knit, our timeless Stacy top is an undeniable must-have this winter! Sober yet elegant, it fits all occasions and can be mixed with a spectrum of other items. 



On the other hand, our lovely Stone skirt is the centerpiece of this look. The weather shouldn't mean that we have to renounce to our feminity! With its high waist and its warm wool mix, this skirt is the perfect solution to stay elegant while protected from the cold! Combine it with a cute pair of wool tights (here found at Mondor)



Accessorized with a beautiful felt hat and a lovely necklace created by Vuela Vuela (meow ;), your look is complete! Done and done! We're ready to go out!


And you? Who are you gonna take that walk with?







An Ode to Fall's colours! - Inspiration Look octobre 9, 2015 11:35


As you may have already noticed, our streets have started dressing up in beautiful colours! The weather, on the other hand, has remained clement :)

Isn't it the perfect moment to take out your colourful tights and beautiful fall accessories? On this occasion we want to share our latest look with you, starring beautiful prints and comforting colours.



For this new Inspiration Look, we chose our very feminine Kate Blouse, made with organic cotton, and one of the most heartwarming printsHeartwarming, is an adjective which can also be used to describe the warm burgundy shade of this blouse. This colour combination makes the piece one of the must-have items from our new collection. 



As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it's now or never the time to start wearing your favorite shorts on a lovely pair of tights! For those of you who have fallen for the shimmering Caramel colour of Emilie's tights, take a look at our online shop! The Stacy top and the Harlow skirt are available in this brightly warm shade :)




Finally, let's talk accessories! The look is completed by our cute Modal Headband, soft as silk. This ivory coloured headband provides the softness and warmness of our locally made Modal knit. It goes perfectly with the unique, and locally made earrings, created by the designer Miss Cocotte, who works with metal and leather.




So, what do you think? :) Do you like this look? Stay tuned for more ideas and combinations this season! Sign up to receive our newsletter at the bottom of this page.



A refined floral look for a sunny back to school ! septembre 4, 2015 17:18


Back to school is here! With the nice weather we have been enjoying, it's the perfect timing for a  romantic look :) This week we have prepared a combination that stars the cute Harlow Skirt from our New Fall Collection! With its unique floral print, is the perfect piece to keep wearing florals into Fall! 

Harlow Skirt (Fall 2015) Bag : Deborah Adams Design


This full and comfy circular skirt provides a comfortable ease of movement with its local Modal knit, soft as silk! Perfect to seize every moment!

Mix our Harlow Skirt with an elegant top and a leather ankle boot, for a refined effect. The look would not be complete without a structured felt hat, which gives an unexpectedly dressed up touch to this romantic outfit.




You like this Back to School look?

Find other inspirations in our Fall collection !




The new Media page of our website juillet 23, 2015 15:40

The Media is talking about us!


On the occasion of a recent feature about our line in Clin d'oeil magazine, we wanted to create a new web page on our site, about Media publications! There you will find our most beautiful mentions :)




And just for fun, here is the TOP 3 of our favorite articles! :)

1) Meemoza Takes Us “Behind the Seams” at Montreal’s Garment District by the webzine Ecouterre

2) Look Cam : Meemoza pour MMM, by Camille DG from The Booklet

 3) Meemoza – Sustainable local production, by Frock & Dilettante 

We would like to thank all the authors who worked on these articles :)
We hope you enjoy this new section of our website!



DIY: A simple decoration idea, to celebrate Spring's arrival! mars 27, 2015 14:51


Spring is here and it inspires us! So, today, we set ourselves a litlle creative challenge by offering you our very first DIY! A perfect match to our current collection, this delicate decoration is sure to add a simple and floral touch to your home!

For this DIY projet you will need :
kraft paper, fabric or paper flowers, hemp or jute rope, a round glass vase, scissors

* 1 * Manually, and irregularly, cut small pieces of kraft paper.
Then, cut the rope which you will use to form a small nest. Finally, rid the flowers of their stems and put them aside.


* 2 * At the bottom of the vase, successively place the kraft paper, the rope and your flower.


* 3 * Finalize your composition and enjoy the final result!

You also have some decoration ideas that you would like to share with us?
Post them on Facebook or Instagram. Let us see your projects by tagging us and using our hashtag #collectthemoments :)
Looking forward to witness your creativity!
P.S. : Find all our DIY inspirations on

Facebook & Twitter : @Meemoza

Instagram : @meemoza_mc

Discover the secrets of our new Spring-Summer collection mars 6, 2015 14:16


The multiple inspirations behind the collection

Delicate and elegant, the new Spring-Summer collection is truly a breath of fresh air! Inspired by the vast open spaces of the country and by the soft lights of spring, it reflects our passion for nature and simple pleasures.

Through its pastel tones and the softness of its fabrics, this collection borrows from our sweetest childhood memories. Bike rides, races through the fields or the soft summer breeze are all simply delightful moments that inspired our new pieces.

Find all our Spring inspirations on Pinterest!




Our creation process

Emilie Rioux, the designer of the brand, opted once again for unique prints and sustainable materials to tailor the pieces of this new collection. Both gentle for the environment, and for your skin, organic cotton is once again at the heart of our work. Linen and Modal knits are also featured. Their incredible softness will undoubtedly win you over!




What about you? What does spring inspire you? Tell us about it here, in the comment section.Or share your inspirational photos on social networks! Don’t forget to tag us and to use our hashtag #collectthemoments, so we can see you and answer you :)

See you very soon!

Facebook :@meemoza

Twitter : @meemoza

Instagram : @meemoza_mc

Where to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 3 Montreal restaurants to discover! janvier 30, 2015 16:08 20 Commentaires

February’s on its way, and some of you may already be planning Valentine's Day...

Whether you are single or in a couple, February 14th, is the opportunity to experiment! Following this idea, here is a short selection of resto-bars with different atmospheres and specialties...

For a chic and romantic dinner, Le Serpent

Located in the heart of La Fonderie Darling, Le Serpent has quickly become a very popular Montreal restaurant. Very contemporary, it offers a revisited Italian cooking at affordable prices even if slightly above average. With its dinner menu, adjustable to every wish, and its extensive wine list, Le Serpent ensures you a delightful evening!

Price: between $ 16 and $ 29 for a main course

Photo credit : James Brittain

For an easy going and warm rendez-vous, Le Manitoba

Located in the Mile-ex, Le Manitoba is very likely to win your heart... Between local delicacies and products from indigenous cultures, the choice is as original as wide. Seasonal vegetables, meats, seafood, fish, natural wines, beers and cocktails… There are plenty of wonders at Le Manitoba!

Price: between $ 17 and $ 28 for a main course

Photo credit : Ulysse Lemerise 

For a girls night out, Le Thazard

Lovers of Le café Sardine/Iwashi will be happy to find Chef Hachiro Fujise’s offerings at the surprising Thazard! Located on the Saint Laurent Boulevard, this restaurant borrows the French pace of little bistros... The similarities end here, while what is proposed is nothing like a “steak-frites”! Cocktails, menchikatsus croquettes, miso poutine and the even more amazing... octopus hot dog! You may live a very unique culinary experience here!

Price: À la carte formula, between $ 7 and $ 14

Photo credit : Thazard

Workshop sale + Contest!

But now that I have given you these mouthwatering suggestions, I bet you're already wondering what to wear for the occasion... What about dropping by our next workshop sale, from February 11th to 14th? We promise you a preview of the new Spring 2015 collection as well as several discounts! And since "when one loves, one doesn't count", we want to give you the chance to win a $ 20 gift certificate exchangeable during our workshop sale!

How to participate? Tell us about your favorite restaurant, in the comments below :) 

Until February 8th. Find all the details on the Facebook page of the event. Good luck all!

Useful Links:

In 2015, I will take the time to... janvier 5, 2015 09:39


After an eventful holiday season, it's now time to think of ourselves. Resolutions have been made, and this year, I took the one to enjoy small daily moments. I thought of this list of inspiring activities, to help unwind with a low budget. 


Cultural evening

What better idea than to break the week in half, by treating yourself to a Wednesday night at the museum? In most galleries, it's the night for specials on entry fees. The talented Simon Starling will soon be exhibiting at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Simon Starling established himself as one of the leading artists of his generation while interrogating scientific discoveries and global economic and ecological issues, among other subjects. It will take a little patience, as his exhibit will be held from February 5th to May 10th 2015.

Credit : Simon Starling, Five-Man Pedersen (Prototype No.1)


Cinema evening

One evening at the cinema for less than 5$, entry and snacks included? It's possible! At the Dollar cinema, situated near Namur station. You can even watch the latest movie releases!



Swinging evening

A friend of mine just talked to me about the free Swing classes at Petit Medley. Every Tuesday evening starting at 8 PM, everyone is invited to their beginner dancing classes. I never took part in such an activity,and I really feel like giving it a try! Who knows? I might discover a new passion in 2015!


Löle workshops

The chain of Lolë stores offers free workshops. At each beginning of the month, the theme is changed, bringing new workshops. I took part in many of their yoga classes, which I really appreciated. I strongly recommend their workshops!

Photo credit : Löle 

In 2015, I will take the time to enjoy what I like to do on a daily basis. Where did I find the inspiration? Here is a video I find expresses the importance of living each and every moment ;) And you, did you take new resolutions?






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The mariniere, its classic and timeless appeal! décembre 25, 2014 12:47


The mariniere is without a doubt a key piece to have in your wardrobe. Comes summer or winter, it always as its place! This classic piece was originally tailored for sailors. Coco Chanel largely contributed to popularizing this garment, with the creation of her short mariniere. But its skyrocketing rise to fame happened on the big screen, with Jean Seberg in the movie À bout de souffle by Jean-Luc Godard. After now many years, its popularity never faded, and it has become a must have!


Photo credits: & designquixotic


Timeless, practical and elegant, it is easy to transpose this piece in different day to day scenes of our lives. Whether worn with a jean or a high waisted skirt, this versatile piece navigates easily between our favorite outfits. Imagine the endless possibilities, when investing in a well tailored mariniere!



Photo credits: TumblerTumbler


How can you recreate a mariniere inspired outfit? What do you think about this combination, showcasing our Oh so soft! Caleta Sweater and Louie Skirt? Both made of Modal knit.


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