Sustainable fashion


Sustainability is more than ever a part of our modern era. Here is concretely how we put sustainability at the core of our creative process.

Since the beginning, we believe in a concious approach to fashion, which originates from our desire to limit our impact on the environment. To do so, we prioritize three types of fabrics : 

  1. New sustainable fabrics and/or certified organic (Tencel, Org. Cotton)
  2. New natural fabrics, that do not require the use of pesticides (Linen, Wool)
  3. Reclaimed deadstock fabrics from fashion houses that over-ordered


Their biological base, beech tree, comes from certified sustainable forests. Their integrated production process reuses its own water and generates its own electricity. It also involves limited transportation and chlorine-free wood processing.

Wear them and benefit from silk-like softness and excellent breathability. Easy to care for, these fibres retain their shape and colour, allowing you to enjoy your favourite garments for a long time.


The organic cotton materials that we use are GOTS certified. What does it mean? This certification ensures that strict environmental criteria are respected when it comes to the use of chemical products and the responsible consumption of water, through the manufacturing of materials. It also implies that the companies who manufacture or transform the cotton comply with the labour standards of the International Labour Organisation. Furthermore, a functional waste water treatment plant is mandatory for any wet-processing unit involved.

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