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Behind the seams

Pretty or smart? Just be both.


The Meemoza girl loves to laugh, discover and exchange with others. She wants to stand out with her feminine and playful style, while letting her clothes speak for what she cares about; quality work, the environment and her community. Pretty or Smart? At Meemoza, we believe you can be both :)

In 2011, our founder Emilie Rioux launched Meemoza, after studying in design, communications and business, as well as travelling for inspiration in Oceania, Asia and Europe. She then gathered her different skills to imagine the unique combination of femininity, conscience and well-being, Meemoza is now known for. Our pieces offer the simplicity and convenience of casual and vintage inspired pieces, with the silky touch of refined and natural materials. Which go perfectly with a contemporary and active lifestyle.


Feel-good clothes, inspired by nature


Our ultimate goal when creating our pieces, is to allow you to feel good both inside and outside when wearing them. Through local co-production, the tailoring of our garments is entrusted to skilled partner-seamstresses, whom are based in Canada. Since the very beginning, we have put upfront ethical and socially responsible labour.

Our affection for nature reveals itself through our passion for animal life; either wild or proudly rescued. As well as with our choice of sustainable and natural materials of the highest quality. Both gentle for the environment, and for you. To learn more about the fabrics we use, visit the Sustainable Fashion section.

We hope you will love our pieces with as much passion as we invest in their ethical production and quality. With the thoughtful development of practical and durable garments, we make sure they last through the season. 



The Meemoza Team,



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