Confection locale et éco-responsable de qualité

Notre histoire

In 2011, our founder Emilie Rioux launched Meemoza, with the mission of creating designs with a lower impact on the environment, while making them accessible to a community of women, looking for value behind the clothes they wear. Studies in design, communications and business, as well as inspirational travels in Oceania, Asia and Europe have allowed her to imagine the unique combination of femininity, conscience and well-being, that Meemoza is now known for.

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Une garde-robe tout confort, inspirée de la nature

Our ultimate goal is to tailor garments that allow you to feel good both inside and outside when wearing themMeemoza therefore offers you the simplicity and comfort of casual chic pieces, which go perfectly with a playful and active lifestyle.

Our feminine and playful collections speak for what we care about; quality work, the environment and our community. The affection that our designer Emilie Rioux shows for nature reveals itself through her favourite activities (yoga, diving and cycling) as well as caring for her proudly rescued pets ;) It doesn’t come as a surprise that she chooses to work with refined sustainable and natural materials both gentle for the environment, and for you. Visit the Mode éco-responsable section, to find out more about these fabrics.

Fièrement fait à la main au Québec

Through local small-scale co-production, the tailoring of our garments is not only done at our workshop, but it is also entrusted to skilled partner-seamstresses who are based in Canada. Since the very beginning, we have put upfront ethical and socially responsible labour Visit the Behind the scenes section, to find out more about our sustainable production cycle.

We hope you will love our pieces with as much passion as we, and our partners, show in the making of timeless and durable garments, which can be worn season after season.