Behind the scenes of our production

Meemoza exists thanks to all of our partners, our seamstresses and you, dear supporters. It's important for us to inform you about our working methods, to allow you to immerse yourself further in our reality and to get to know our community of local workers. Transparency and accessibility have been a part of our core values since our early beginnings!

Buying Locally:

Valuing the work of all involved

When we mention our community of local workers, we are not kidding! Each of our garments comes from the work of several people. The production of the fabrics, the design, the cutting, and sowing are just a start. There is also quality control, handling and merchandising on store floors, to name just a few more.

Because our business model is not exclusively direct sale, our price point must consider the commission that we give to partner stores, who help us present our products to a wider audience (inventory management, merchandising & presenting to customers). In exchange for their efforts, they receive a share of 50% to 60%.

By choosing Meemoza, you are supporting a complete network of workers and you are reinvesting in your own economy by encouraging socially responsible wages as well as the use of sustainable materials, like organic cotton. These fabrics involve more effort to ensure a lower impact on the environment. Visit the Sustainable Fashion section, to find out more about these fabrics.

A lower environmental impact, starts at the design stage

Being sustainable all the way, we produce only 2 collections per year, available in limited quantities to counter the negative impact of overproduction and fast fashion.

The development of our collections is thoughtful and streamlined, to offer an assortment of essential, timeless, practical pieces, which can be worn season after season. Our collections, therefore, have less variety (and are available in limited quantities) to promote the less frequent consumption of quality clothing, which does not need to be constantly replaced.

Recycling in all possible sectors

Since our foundation in 2011, our dedication to work with sustainable materials has been a challenge. There is not as much choice on the market, and rarely are prints available. The volume also determines the number of options. Finding ourselves limited in the variety of fabrics we wanted to offer, we started introducing reclaimed unused materials that we procured from other manufacturers.

The other way around, we manage our waste (remnants, trimmings, etc.) by giving them to other makers for their own production.

All the materials that we use for our activities, whether for administrative work or for packaging, are reused or recycled. We use recycled envelopes for mailings (we don’t over package), and for deliveries to shops, we reuse garment bags, as well as shipping boxes.