Meemoza's ambassadors

Meemoza was created with the wish to allow our customers to let their feminity, originality and beauty shine. Let us introduce the inspiring women who wear our line.

These charming ladies each have a unique personality, a simple pleasure that connects them to our brand. They are all linked by their common love for ethical and local fashion.

Steffy Degreff 




Josiane Stratis 


Photo : Marie-Ève Lévesque 

Abeille Gélinas

Catherine Ethier



Camille DG

Here with our founder Emilie Rioux :)



Marie-Claude St-Laurent



Juliette Bélanger Charpentier


Tabitha Lukebadio



Catherine Pogonat



Marie-Soleil Dion



Michelle Gagné 


Sabrina Cournoyer