It's the type of thing, where I complain every year that I don't have enough time to do. So this year, we're doing the whole nine yards! Don't forget about cleaning your windows, to let more natural light coming into your home! It will be the perfect time to air the house as well. And you, what are your ''must dos'' when it comes to spring cleaning?




Don't throw away your coffee grounds! You can reuse it as a homemade exfoliant, to enrich your garden soil or even as an abrasive to clean certain surfaces. Check out Les trappeuses's tips to find out about DIY cosmetics, simple remedies & cleaning products. Or straight up learn more about Zero waste with Dans le sac.



That's one of my favourite things about the lockdown. Having the time to use my creativity to cook! It's time to look up interesting recipes and make lists of your essentials to make your trip to the grocery store efficient. Plan a backup recipe, in case you can't find some of your ingredients. Keep it simple! Oh, and if you have the time, rewatch Ratatouille for inspiration :) Everyone can cook!


We can do it!



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